Can I Wear my Jersey’s Again?

I am sitting at work today just missing sports.

Maybe it is because I have been having weird sport dreams or because I just want to run around kicking or catching a ball. Who knows…

For some background info, I played softball and soccer. For soccer I played midfield. I was primarily left or center mid, but for some reason my coach looked at me and thought this girl is a runner. I am not for your info, but for some reason, soccer brought out a runner in me.

softball 2

Now for softball I played outfield, second base, short stop and caught a little. Again, coaches looked at me and thought runner. So that is how I made this transition from being a second baseman to being an outfielder. I would like to think it was also because I was really good at tracking fly balls! But, again, who know..

Since the summer before my freshman year of college I have always played sports. All throughout the year I had some kind of sport going on or some kind of conditioning going on, so when I got to college and had nothing going on, it was extremely weird.


So now that I am working behind a desk for forty hours a week, I am finding myself missing sports more and more. I miss always having something active that I was doing and being around my friends and the competitiveness of it. Sure, I played flag football with my sorority and it was competitive but it was also intramural and they were strict on rules.

It is so hard to sit behind a desk all day, so  I thought when I first started that after work I would have all kinds of energy when I got home that I would start getting more stuff done and possibly start using our community center membership, yeah right. I go home and I am EXHAUSTED! Literally, it takes everything out of me to get up off the couch to get a bowl of cereal. Seriously, what I think I miss most is  being young and having energy and I am not even that old.


Sports were always just such a huge part of my life, that I think I still have not fully adjusted to not playing. Like it is a bizarre feeling, but I am still waiting for a text from my soccer coach asking when I plan to start showing up for conditioning! (The single worst thing that I tried dodging every summer)

I guess what I miss most about sports is the cut throat mind set I could get myself in before every soccer game. I was extremely intense during games. There was none of this “Play to have fun” stuff. No. I am there and I am there to win. At any cost.


During practice though… Now that was a different story. I was the biggest goofball on the field. I admit, I was the first to complain on a hot day that I DID NOT want to go to practice and run around a field for hours, but once I got there, it was easy to get into the swing of things but practices also required us to have fun. 

For softball it was the dedication that I miss. I played year round for at least three years. It was a very intense lifestyle and at one point I was on, I believe, three different softball teams. The travel, the no weekend off, the unimaginable heat and the pant you had to wear were some of the hardest things. But in the end it was so rewarding. When it was the last game of my life that I would play, I cried like a baby.

softball 3

The coaches I have had in my life have made this impact in my life and they always hold a special spot in teaching me how to play. They were the people who sometimes saw me more than my own parents. They took care of me when I got injured and did everything they could to get me motivated. Whether it was yelling at me to get my butt moving or cheering me on. They were some of the best people because they put up with my extremely slow running.

It’s not that I don’t want to be active in my life, I want to be active.  I want to  have that desire to work out, but I can’t find that because there is no sport involved. (If that makes sense)  At least when I was playing sports there was a reason for me to be running. There was competition driving me. Now, being twenty-two it is hard.

soccer 3

One thing I can’t wait for though is coaching. Literally I have this dream to take a group of girls from the start of their softball years, and get them all the way to high school and watch them be athletes. I want to watch them fall in love with sports and discover themselves on and off the field. I want to be their mentor and it is something I hope to accomplish in life.

Sports was a huge part of my life and right now I think of how if I were still playing travel softball, I would be starting to prep for this weekend’s tournament. I would be finding all of my uniforms, packing extra socks in my bag, getting a cooler ready and having practice. I think of soccer and at this time during those years I was dodging having to go to conditioning and I would be getting excited to start the season again.


The Beach

Hi guys!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I was on vacation! My mom, little brother and I went to Ocean City in Maryland. It was a really nice and relaxing trip, despite the fact that I got a cold the second day we were there. We had a lot of fun though. We sat on the beach, sat by the pool, drank some fun drinks, walked the boardwalk about a thousand times and road a four-person bike. This is not going to be a long drawn out post just because I just got back and trying to get back into the swing of things, but I hope you enjoy the pictures! 🙂

beach 5

My brother and I on the first day!

beach 1

Selfie on the beach of course!

beach 2

The four person bike.

beach 4

Collecting Shells! My favorite thing!

I Only Eat Six Foods

Yes, you did read that correctly. I only eat six foods.

  • Mcdonald’s French Fries (Literally only their French fries)
  • Peanut Butter Sandwich
  • Cereal
  • Waffles
  • Hot Pretzels
  • French Toast Sticks

Then of course I eat junk food like popcorn and ice cream but those are my main foods.

The look on your face while you are reading this is probably a “WTF?!” look. So let me explain.

When my parents switched their precious baby girl, me, to table foods I would gag at the touch of foods like hot dogs. So being first time parents my parents freaked out. They took me to all kinds of doctors and all said the same thing- “She will grow out of it.” Jokes on them. I am now 22 years old and look at me now. I still eat the same foods I always have.

It was not until I was a freshman in college that I actually discovered that what is wrong with me is actually a disorder. Up until then it was always the same response “I am just really picky” and people always said things like “Well you can fix picky” or “Haven’t you tried anything” and it was always so hard to explain that I just couldn’t.

Then I got a phone call from my Nana and my life changed. All I remember is her going “Tyler, I read an article and it’s you!” I was so confused until I got to my dorm and looked the article up and read it. I started to cry because it was like a wave of relief that I was going to be okay and that what was wrong with me, it was okay.

I had Selective Eating Disorder.

Having a name to tell people has given me all kinds of confidence. I used to hate having to go out to eat with people because I would get so self-conscious, it was miserable. As time has gone on, I have learned to embrace this about me, but it still has its moments when it is the most frustrating thing. Like when my boyfriend wants to get pizza and I can’t enjoy that with him.

Reading this article was everything. It gave me a glimpse into my future, and my future is okay. I remember when I was younger one of my so called “friends” told me that I would never be able to have kids because I couldn’t eat. I was devastated because having kids is a priority in my life and her telling me that I was actually scared. In the article this woman, who is just like me, has two children and had healthy pregnancies. One of her children is just like her; I have concerns about that because I would not wish this on anyone, so the thought of possibly passing this down to my children is a huge concern. But… I guess there are worst things in life than them being picky.

To kind of explain to you what is wrong or make you kind of understand I tell you all what I go through with the thought of putting a piece of food in my mouth. Now you all know that on Instagram there are the “foodies” that constantly post delicious looking food that makes you guys really want to try. Well I don’t have that. I can look at food and have zero drive to put that in my mouth. It just looks like something on a plate. So I have this like mental block that prevents me from wanting to try new foods. Then I also have this thing where if I imagine putting a new piece of food in my mouth, I have a mini anxiety attack. I start to panic and freak out, it just does not go so well.

I have accepted this of myself. Sure, it is tough and annoying, but by this point I am an expert at figuring out how to handle this. My doctors have run tests, and I am perfectly healthy. I just don’t eat common food. I have started to kind of venture out of my comfort zone and try new foods. I have tried Oreo balls that have cream cheese, which I would have never eaten if I had known there was cream cheese. I have tried Poptarts. I want to try bagels, so that is next. Now this may not seem like a big deal, but to me this is huge progress. Brandon even wants to eventually get me comfortable enough to eventually try pizza, so stay tuned on my progress with food!

The Tell All of Tyler Schrader

Hi all!

For my first official blog is going to be about myself. I know that it is extremely basic, but I feel as though I want my readers to know about me, so they can relate to me. The whole idea behind my blog is so people can know about me and hopefully take away something from reading about my life. So here we go!

My name is Tyler Schrader and yes my parents chose a boy name for their girl. Was not my pick for a name, but hey I couldn’t talk when they decision was being made. So I have always had a little distaste for my name. The second most important thing you need to know is that I only eat six foods. Don’t worry there will for sure be a more in depth blog post on this, but for now you need to know that it is true, it is a disorder and yes I am healthy.

I grew up in a small town and from that small town I went to a big city college. That was the hardest transition, but now I could never go back. I love my hometown, don’t get me wrong, but I also enjoy the city so much and always having things to do rather than go to Wal-Mart for entertainment. There is just something so exciting about the city life and what it has to offer. You are always busy or have options on what you can do at any day during the week. You are not stuck with the two sit down restaurants, a hardware store and, again, Wal-Mart as your only option. You can go downtown to a baseball game, or a club where there is people your age and not the creepy old man who is a bar usual. I just have become so accustom to the city, that I am having a hard time adjusting to moving back home.

My time at college is coming to a close at the end of this year, which, for the most part, is extremely exciting. I have been in college for four and a half years, which I take as a big accomplishment because now a days it seems five is the minimum amount of years people will spend trying to get that paper. But on the other hand, this time is also the scariest because all I have ever known school and learning. Sitting in a desk, taking notes and reciting what I learned in a test or paper. Now I actually have to apply what I learned at a job and be making big girl decisions and taking on an adult life in a matter of months.

College was an extremely hard time in my life. I honestly can say “Yeah I enjoyed it, but I would never do it again.”  Reason being: too much stuff happened in such a short amount of time that affected me in ways that are unimaginable. My Nana, who was my person in this world passed away, my parents got divorced, I battled internally with who I was in this world and struggled with that, I found out who my real friends were and then there is always the guy who was toying with my heart. So, yeah it was hard. “Best four years of your life”… yeah right. Maybe for some, but not for me. So I am actually extremely excited about where this new adult world leads me.

Now, more about the fun details about myself rather than the extremely boring things. I am an English major. I actually did not choose this major, it was chosen for me by my dead grandmother. Again, another story for another blog. So here I am trying to make it in this big bad world and show the world that you can major in English and not have to teach for a living. I also took up two minors in college. One was creative writing, which is kind of how I discovered I liked writing about myself (Not to sound shallow, but I know myself and so it is easy to write about myself.) I also minored in popular literature and film. I have no idea what I am going to use this for, my counselor told me that I had the majority of the credits completed so I might as well add it. So I did and here I am.

Another fun thing about me is that I am a marketing intern. I know what you are thinking… “How did the English major land a marketing internship?” Good question. I have no clue. The company that I work for had on the job description that English majors were welcome and I applied on a whim. Two days after I had my interview I got the job. So fate brought me to this, and surprisingly I LOVE IT. I never thought that I would love marketing, but I am learning so much and finding out that I am actually not too bad at it either. So we will see where this goes from here.

One of the most important fun things to know about me is that I have some of the best friends who have continued to stand by me when others wouldn’t. They are my rock and truly are the greatest blessings in my life. You will hear all about them in later blogs, but that is an extremely important aspect in my life. Along with amazing friends, I had the most amazing man walk into my life about eight months ago. I cannot talk enough about him and what all he has done for me. He is truly the man of my dreams and I love him with all of my heart. The last thing about the people around me, my family is crazy. I love them all, but holy moly I was put in one crazy family. They always support me in whatever I do, which is something I cherish. There will be more blogs about my family, friend and boyfriend, I just wanted you all to know they are the most important thing in my life.

So I guess other basic facts about me are that I love to read and write. I love the beach more than anything. I have three tattoos, all with meaning behind them. I took ASL classes  (American Sign Language) and love the deaf culture because of it. I was in a sorority at school, Kappa Kappa Gamma, but I am now an alumna.  I played sports all my life: soccer and softball. Then played flag football in college for my sorority. I love animals and aspire to own a French bulldog and a white fluffy cat. I am primarily seen in black clothing, whether it is yoga pants or my favorite black t-shirts because that is my favorite color to wear, but not my favorite color. That is purple. I also love sunflowers but hate receiving flowers because I am like my Nana in ways of thinking they die so what is the point? But don’t tell my boyfriend because he likes getting me flowers :p  Lastly, I am an ice cream addict. Like it is bad. Mint chocolate chip is the best hands down. And I know all of the best places with the best ice cream.

Well, there you have. This is basically all you need to know about me. I am sure as I go on I will continue to tell you all more about my life and where I am headed on this life journey. Stay tuned.