The Bags Under My Eyes

I survived my first week.

The first week back at school after summer break is extremely difficult. This time around though, it seems that it is going to be an even bigger challenge because I am taking harder classes, I am working part time at my internship and the lack of sleep is making me crazy! But, the first week went well for the most part. Here are my thoughts on my classes so far.

Senior Seminar, the class that will literally make or break me. I have a huge paper due at the end of this that basically decides if I graduate. No pressure right? But so far, my teacher is awesome and the topic is not too bad. We are learning about the Vietnam War and reading some historical texts on it. That is not really my cup of tea, but It is capturing my attention.

Introduction to Ethics, my “freshman class”. The class seniors take as a filler in their schedule so that they get credits and it seems to be an easy A. Well for the most part I really enjoy this class. Sure, it is nothing I would have taken before, but this was a class that I needed to get credits to count towards graduation. My teacher seems cool and my class is filled with diversity.

Y.A Literature, hands down my favorite class this semester. I am reading books that I like and I can understand. I have an awesome teacher who really understands that Y.A is not just for teenagers and that everyone can enjoy these books she has selected. I am super excited about this class, and that is all I have to say on that!

Newswriting Across the Media, oh this class. First day it was so cold in the classroom that I turned blue. But this is going to be a challenge. Why you may ask? I have previous experience with newswriting I guess you could call it, but I am more of a creative writer, rather than a factual writer. So this is going to be interesting to challenge myself.

My last class, Victoria Poetry and Prose. This will probably be my hardest class in terms of reading. I am, for one, not a poetry buff and secondly, not a fan of older English texts. This class has the main focus on Victorian texts, such as Jane Eyre, and at the end we have to do a whole paper on a text not found on the syllabus. Me thinking ahead, I am going to do a steampunk paper. There is an argument that steampunk is not Victoria, but don’t worry! I got the approval already.

So, as I go into my second week I am exhausted, I am wearing my “I don’t care about my appearance glasses,” my hair looks like a rat’s nest and I am literally in the comfiest clothes I own. I have bags under my eyes indicating that I stayed up a little too late reading for class today, and I am embracing it. Stay tuned on how this semester goes and if I survive to see the end.


Can I Wear my Jersey’s Again?

I am sitting at work today just missing sports.

Maybe it is because I have been having weird sport dreams or because I just want to run around kicking or catching a ball. Who knows…

For some background info, I played softball and soccer. For soccer I played midfield. I was primarily left or center mid, but for some reason my coach looked at me and thought this girl is a runner. I am not for your info, but for some reason, soccer brought out a runner in me.

softball 2

Now for softball I played outfield, second base, short stop and caught a little. Again, coaches looked at me and thought runner. So that is how I made this transition from being a second baseman to being an outfielder. I would like to think it was also because I was really good at tracking fly balls! But, again, who know..

Since the summer before my freshman year of college I have always played sports. All throughout the year I had some kind of sport going on or some kind of conditioning going on, so when I got to college and had nothing going on, it was extremely weird.


So now that I am working behind a desk for forty hours a week, I am finding myself missing sports more and more. I miss always having something active that I was doing and being around my friends and the competitiveness of it. Sure, I played flag football with my sorority and it was competitive but it was also intramural and they were strict on rules.

It is so hard to sit behind a desk all day, so  I thought when I first started that after work I would have all kinds of energy when I got home that I would start getting more stuff done and possibly start using our community center membership, yeah right. I go home and I am EXHAUSTED! Literally, it takes everything out of me to get up off the couch to get a bowl of cereal. Seriously, what I think I miss most is  being young and having energy and I am not even that old.


Sports were always just such a huge part of my life, that I think I still have not fully adjusted to not playing. Like it is a bizarre feeling, but I am still waiting for a text from my soccer coach asking when I plan to start showing up for conditioning! (The single worst thing that I tried dodging every summer)

I guess what I miss most about sports is the cut throat mind set I could get myself in before every soccer game. I was extremely intense during games. There was none of this “Play to have fun” stuff. No. I am there and I am there to win. At any cost.


During practice though… Now that was a different story. I was the biggest goofball on the field. I admit, I was the first to complain on a hot day that I DID NOT want to go to practice and run around a field for hours, but once I got there, it was easy to get into the swing of things but practices also required us to have fun. 

For softball it was the dedication that I miss. I played year round for at least three years. It was a very intense lifestyle and at one point I was on, I believe, three different softball teams. The travel, the no weekend off, the unimaginable heat and the pant you had to wear were some of the hardest things. But in the end it was so rewarding. When it was the last game of my life that I would play, I cried like a baby.

softball 3

The coaches I have had in my life have made this impact in my life and they always hold a special spot in teaching me how to play. They were the people who sometimes saw me more than my own parents. They took care of me when I got injured and did everything they could to get me motivated. Whether it was yelling at me to get my butt moving or cheering me on. They were some of the best people because they put up with my extremely slow running.

It’s not that I don’t want to be active in my life, I want to be active.  I want to  have that desire to work out, but I can’t find that because there is no sport involved. (If that makes sense)  At least when I was playing sports there was a reason for me to be running. There was competition driving me. Now, being twenty-two it is hard.

soccer 3

One thing I can’t wait for though is coaching. Literally I have this dream to take a group of girls from the start of their softball years, and get them all the way to high school and watch them be athletes. I want to watch them fall in love with sports and discover themselves on and off the field. I want to be their mentor and it is something I hope to accomplish in life.

Sports was a huge part of my life and right now I think of how if I were still playing travel softball, I would be starting to prep for this weekend’s tournament. I would be finding all of my uniforms, packing extra socks in my bag, getting a cooler ready and having practice. I think of soccer and at this time during those years I was dodging having to go to conditioning and I would be getting excited to start the season again.

The Beach

Hi guys!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I was on vacation! My mom, little brother and I went to Ocean City in Maryland. It was a really nice and relaxing trip, despite the fact that I got a cold the second day we were there. We had a lot of fun though. We sat on the beach, sat by the pool, drank some fun drinks, walked the boardwalk about a thousand times and road a four-person bike. This is not going to be a long drawn out post just because I just got back and trying to get back into the swing of things, but I hope you enjoy the pictures! 🙂

beach 5

My brother and I on the first day!

beach 1

Selfie on the beach of course!

beach 2

The four person bike.

beach 4

Collecting Shells! My favorite thing!

I Told You All I Would Write About Camping

I told you all I would write a post on how camping went! So here it is:

We didn’t go camping! Haha

I know, I was under the impression that we would be going camping this past weekend, but instead Brandon surprised me with a trip to Cleveland and a one-night stay in a hotel room! It was SO amazing and such a wonderful surprise.  I could not be any luckier to have him in my life.

So, on Friday he texted me after work and said “Let’s go somewhere”

I was super excited, but I anticipated going camping and I was in a nicer dress. So I ran to Kohl’s to pick up some new clothes (I had Kohl’s cash that is why I went there) drove back to Akron and he picked me up. We went to a store to pick up food, like you would do for camping and we were on our way.

We drove for like an hour and finally we go to our destination thanks to Victoria, my GPS, and it was a hotel. I was stunned. I never, in a million years, would have expected us to go up to Cleveland and get a hotel room. Let alone a room that overlooks Lake Erie. It was amazing and the view was spectacular.


I am so grateful to have a boyfriend in my life that surprises me. Whether it is little things like he brings me ice cream or big things like gets a hotel room in Cleveland. He is the best. He came into my life when I needed him most and I thank God every day for making our paths cross because now, I could not imagine my life without him. Every day I fall in love with him just a little more. He could be doing something as minuscule as fixing his hair and it just makes me love him that much more.

That would be my tip for people. Find something every day that makes you fall in love with your partner. That will make your relationship that much stronger in the long run. Brandon and I do not get to see each other as much as we would like, so we treasure the moments we do have.

All in all, I was not disappointed we did not go camping. In fact, I was thrilled. We will eventually, maybe, go camping, which will be a very funny story to say the least. So stay tuned to read all about that one day