The Bags Under My Eyes

I survived my first week.

The first week back at school after summer break is extremely difficult. This time around though, it seems that it is going to be an even bigger challenge because I am taking harder classes, I am working part time at my internship and the lack of sleep is making me crazy! But, the first week went well for the most part. Here are my thoughts on my classes so far.

Senior Seminar, the class that will literally make or break me. I have a huge paper due at the end of this that basically decides if I graduate. No pressure right? But so far, my teacher is awesome and the topic is not too bad. We are learning about the Vietnam War and reading some historical texts on it. That is not really my cup of tea, but It is capturing my attention.

Introduction to Ethics, my “freshman class”. The class seniors take as a filler in their schedule so that they get credits and it seems to be an easy A. Well for the most part I really enjoy this class. Sure, it is nothing I would have taken before, but this was a class that I needed to get credits to count towards graduation. My teacher seems cool and my class is filled with diversity.

Y.A Literature, hands down my favorite class this semester. I am reading books that I like and I can understand. I have an awesome teacher who really understands that Y.A is not just for teenagers and that everyone can enjoy these books she has selected. I am super excited about this class, and that is all I have to say on that!

Newswriting Across the Media, oh this class. First day it was so cold in the classroom that I turned blue. But this is going to be a challenge. Why you may ask? I have previous experience with newswriting I guess you could call it, but I am more of a creative writer, rather than a factual writer. So this is going to be interesting to challenge myself.

My last class, Victoria Poetry and Prose. This will probably be my hardest class in terms of reading. I am, for one, not a poetry buff and secondly, not a fan of older English texts. This class has the main focus on Victorian texts, such as Jane Eyre, and at the end we have to do a whole paper on a text not found on the syllabus. Me thinking ahead, I am going to do a steampunk paper. There is an argument that steampunk is not Victoria, but don’t worry! I got the approval already.

So, as I go into my second week I am exhausted, I am wearing my “I don’t care about my appearance glasses,” my hair looks like a rat’s nest and I am literally in the comfiest clothes I own. I have bags under my eyes indicating that I stayed up a little too late reading for class today, and I am embracing it. Stay tuned on how this semester goes and if I survive to see the end.


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