My Dear Kappa Days…

If you read my “About Me” blog post, then you read that I was in a sorority. I decided to dedicate my blog today on my dear Kappa days.

fam bam

I am a Kappa Kappa Gamma. I was initiated in fall of 2013. I have an amazing big who is there for me always. We may not talk every day, but I know that I can go to her and she will be there for me. I have two little’s. One who, unfortunately, had to drop due to transferring schools. That was hard to lose my first little, but she makes me proud in all she accomplishes. Then I got my second little, and she is my pride and joy. She is driven and possess qualities I can only wish to have. She is still active, and it was extremely difficult leaving her to go Alum. Having Kiki, my big, and Alexis and Kayla, my little’s has given me the opportunity to have the sister I never had and they all empower me to be better. Life in Kappa without them, well I can’t imagine my time in Kappa without them. They each came at a time I needed them and I thank them each from the bottom of my heart for putting up with my crazy self.

my little

Now time for the back story.  I went through recruitment by myself, but I had a friend in a chapter on campus, so that kind of inspired me to join. I was terrified because you see in movies that you are doomed to be judged on everything you do. So tried my best to be perfect during each house. I wanted them all to like me. I went through recruitment for myself but also for my Nana, who was sick at the time. She told me that I would be living by our song “I Hope You Dance” if I went through recruitment, so that just sealed the deal.

On bid day when I opened my letter and was told that I was a Kappa, my heart was full. I ran to my new home away from home  and was on cloud nine joining all of my new sisters that day. I was given this amazing opportunity and it was the start of the best years of my life.


Two days after bid day, my Nana passed away. Kappa was my last gift from her.

The only thing that got me through that and was the thing that made me crawl out of bed was Kappa. That organization gave me a reason to do my hair some day. I can’t even imagine where  I would be in life if I didn’t have Kappa to help me heal. So I have Kappa to thank for saving me from sinking into a deep depression and God only knows what else.

I have the girls to thank for being there for me when I needed someone most. I had seventy some girl text me, message me, tweet me all saying “I am here for you Tyler.” That was amazing to me. I was barely a member yet, barely knew anyone and they were there for me. It reassured me that I had made the right choice.


I have Kappa to thank for a lot actually. I have it to thank for giving me some of the best roommates, the best friends I have today, the best memories of college like joining a flag football team, going out to bars with my sisters, meeting tons of people I normally would not have and so much more. Kappa really was the reason I broke out of my shell and helped contribute to the woman I am today.

Despite it being the best experience, Kappa was a lot of work sometimes and there were moments when I thought “Why?”

Then I would go to the house and sit in the basement with my sisters and I was always reminded in that very moment why I joined. This was a home for me. This was the ability to walk in and feel instantly safe. There are seventy some girls and at least one person has gone through something like what I was going through. There were days I wanted to rip my hair out because I had a test the next morning and instead of being a home studying, I was at an event, but my sisters always made it worth it.


You have this endless support no matter the time of day. You can rely on Kappa’s present and past for guidance and that meant so much to me. Your sisters are your sisters. They are not perfect and flawless 24/7. We all had out moments, but somehow we made it work and we accepted people for who they were. That was what made Kappa extremely unique and special. We did not care what color you were, your sexual orientation, what clothes you wore, how your hair looked, if you wore sweat pants everyday or what size jeans you wore. We loved you because you loved us.

Kappa had its moments when it was too much, but all in all it was the best part of my college experience. It gave me sisters, it gave me love, it gave me support but most of all it gave me so much more confidence in myself.

I have now started my journey on being a Kappa alum so stay tuned on what that hold for not only me, but my little Lambda chapter.



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