I Swiped Right and it Led Me To You

Meet Brandon. My boyfriend.


We have been dating eight months tomorrow and it has been the best eight months of my life. Our first date was actually my 22nd birthday. We went to go see The Intern and he gave me the most BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers and was just a complete gentleman.

So let me tell you all about us. We are such a practical couple. We watch all kinds of movies, we go on walks with his adorable dog Lokie, we play video games (more him than me but I am learning) and we occasionally go on dates. He knows that my weakness is popcorn and ice cream and I know that he loves to drive and wants a Mustang. We obviously know more about one another but that was just an example.

He is my best friend. He is my first real boyfriend, and until now I never really knew how you could be best friends with someone you were dating. Like my friends would always say “We tell each other everything. He is my best friend” and that did not make sense to me. I just could not imagine telling a guy things like “My boobs hurt” or “I got sick today at work” that just did not seem like the “ladylike” thing to do. Until now. I know that I can tell Brandon anything and he will listen. That is something that really attracts me to him. He listens to me and is there for me when I need him. He is my best friend in a boyfriend form.

Another thing that attracted me to him, besides the way he treats his dog, his smile! OH MY GOSH! When I first saw him smile, I was done. He has this smile that can light up a room and so contagious that it isn’t even fair. I love when he smiles and I get to see that because it instantly makes me smile no matter what kind of mood I am in.

Speaking of moods, this boy has a heart of gold and puts up with so much moody girl stuff. He sticks by me through everything and has never once turned his back. There were times when I thought “He saw a crazy part of me. It is done” and he keeps staying with me. So he is genuine. He is compassionate. He is caring. He is loving. He is mine, and I thank God every day for that.

So you now have learned a lot about who Brandon is as a person. Now to learn a little bit about us. We are total opposites in some ways. He eats food, I do not. (Again, I promise to tell the story) He loves to drive, I am a horrible driver. He likes video games; I get motion sick when I play most games. He hates reading, I love to read. But one thing is for sure that this actually helps us. I have introduced him to many things and he has done the same.

We have recently started playing Grand Theft Auto together because driving games do not make me as sick, so he taught me how to play. That was an interesting night because we have discovered that my awful driving also applies in video games and not just real life.

We have been together eight months and in those eight months I have changed. I have started to realize that the adult world is not so scary and I need to start preparing for it. I discovered how easy it is to love someone with all of my heart and to let someone see me and trust them enough to have my whole heart. I have become a better version of myself for him because he deserves the absolute best because he is the best for me.

To celebrate our anniversary, and no we are not THAT couple that celebrates every “month-a-versery” we just happened to plan this on the same weekend of dating anniversary, we are going camping. Good lord save us now because if there is one thing I am not very good at it’s camping. I hate bugs and I have this fear of contracting things like the Zika Virus or Lyme Disease. It is going to be an adventure for us but I am sure it will be fun non the less. There will for sure be a blog on how this goes next week! So stay tuned!

“I Thank God I Did Not Get What I Thought I Deserved Because It Led Me Straight To You.”


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